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A success story since 1970

Who we are

Founded in 1970 on the revolutionary innovation of using technopolymer in electrical engineering, today GEWISS is the most important company in the electrotechnical sector with Italian capital.

who we are

Our story

The history of GEWISS is a long entrepreneurial journey that started with a brilliant product idea and has been fuelled by an ability to understand today and imagine tomorrow.



From 1970 to the present day – a success story


Being sustainable means being able to anticipate and manage economic, social and environmental opportunities and risks, both today and in the near future.


The concept of sustainability is innate to Gewiss, which has always operated with full respect for environmental and social resources.


Corporate Governance

We operate with transparency while protecting the interest of all stakeholders. We do this by managing the company through an effective and transparent system of governance.


Corporate governance has a traditional structure and is based on the principles of integrity, transparency and fairness. 

corporate governance

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The new campaign supports the positioning of Gewiss as a design brand recognisable as a lifestyle. An identity that with the institutional page expresses the idea of the Smart City by Gewiss through a new way of seeing cities: sustainable, interconnected, circular and renewable.

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