Corporate Governance

We operate with transparency while protecting the interest of all stakeholders.

We do this by managing the company through an effective and transparent system of governance.

Governance Documents

Gewiss Group documents
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Our system of administration and control is based on integrity and transparency and is the means by which we create lasting value for shareholders and all stakeholders.


Among the values that guide our development path there is integrity, for us the foundation on which employees, customers and all stakeholders build relationships of trust. Integrity means being responsible, reliable, and guided by solid principles.


Also for this reason we give the opportunity to report to anyone, even in anonymous form, anomalies or violations of the rules of ethical and legal behaviour provided by the company or required by law.


To do that is enough complete the anonymous form reachable by clicking on the button “send a report”.



Our journey for sustainable development. Integrating sustainability into our business model.

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