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Nov 2023
Innovation generates energy (and patents)
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A year full of awards for GEWISS. The Italian Patent and Trademark Office awarded the company its third patent of 2023, this time for the MT circuit breaker.


The Application for Invention filed with the UIBM specifies: “The present invention relates to  an automatic switch. More particularly, the invention relates to an automatic magneto-thermal switch with self-supporting kinematic mechanism with precalibration of the thermal unit and of the magnetic unit. [...] The task of the present invention is to create an electrical device that can be produced in a more? cheaper than traditional ones and which at the same time have improved performance”.


Thus, the main advantages of the patented self-supporting mechanism concern the simplification of the kinematic mechanism from the construction point of view, the optimization of production at a single production site, the realization by means of pre-assembled and pre-calibrated components through automations or dedicated production lines, and high reliability.


The scope of patent protection covers the various components of the MV circuit breaker, comprising a self-supporting type actuation mechanism consisting of two sidewalls, inside which is housed the thermal unit that enables tripping in the event of overcurrents and the kinematic to which is associated the movable contact that causes the device to open. The upper part of one of the sides has a triangular slot for visual verification of the position of the bimetal and mechanical calibration of the self-supporting mechanism. The self-supporting mechanism is associated with the missing components in order to complete the MT circuit breaker.


The MT circuit breaker is part of the modular circuit protection circuit breaker series 90 MCB, which meets any need for overload and short-circuit protection, for all civil, service and industrial applications. The range consists of MTC (compact miniature circuit breakers), MT (traditional miniature circuit breakers) and MTHP (high-performance miniature circuit breakers).

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