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Dec 2023
A full-of-patents year
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The year 2023 has been a year full of satisfaction for GEWISS, with as many as 4 new active patents for products belonging to the Building, Mobility, Energy Solutions.


The first is the one awarded to Ego Smart, the smart plaque of the ChoruSmart ecosystem. With an official act last June, in fact, the General Directorate for the Protection of Industrial Property (office of the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy) assigned to Gewiss the Patent Certificate for the Ego Smart smart plate, whose application was filed in 2021 by Cav. Lav. Domenico Bosatelli, testifying to the strong bond between the founder and his company during the long entrepreneurial journey they have undertaken together.


Paolo Cervini, CEO of GEWISS, said, "This achievement moves us into the future, but it is built on the legacy of those who have made the history of our company since its founding. The patent application, filed by Cavaliere del Lavoro Domenico Bosatelli, was just the latest milestone in a long journey of continuous innovation and foresight. Thanks to this legacy, today we look to the future with even greater pride, guided by innovation and creativity, in the spirit of a great heritage".


The second was awarded last October to the T2 vandal-resistant charging socket belonging to Solution Mobility. The European Patent Office on that occasion awarded GEWISS the official certificate for the T2 vandal-proof charging socket, a component of electric vehicle charging system columns. The T2 socket was also awarded a recognition by the Chinese patent office , covering the vandal-proof function realized directly through the shutters.


In the European Patent Office's official description, it was noted that: "The object of the present invention is to improve the mechanism that ensures the vandal-proof function of an electric connector, particularly for electric vehicle charging. A connector having a single mechanism with an anti-vandal function and designed to lock the plug in the inserted position during use and to protect the plug when not in use, that is, when the plug is pulled out.


A further objective of the invention is to provide a connector that allows easy and direct insertion of the plug, with a compact design, and that can be easily used in various types of charging facilities. A connector which, by virtue of its special design features, is capable of giving the highest guarantees of reliability and safety of use."


Finally, last November, a patent was awarded for the MV circuit breaker. In this case, the scope of patent protection covers the various components of the MV circuit breaker, including a self-supporting type actuation mechanism consisting of two sidewalls, inside which is housed the thermal unit (which enables tripping in the event of overcurrents) and the kinematic mechanism (with which is associated the movable contact that causes the device to open). The upper part of one of the sides has a triangular slot for visual verification of the position of the bimetal and mechanical calibration of the self-supporting mechanism. The self-supporting mechanism is then assembled with the other assemblies to complete the MT circuit breaker.


"That of the GEWISS patents is a success story that starts way back, and that was born even before GEWISS itself- added Matteo Gavazzeni, Corporate Industrial Property, Quality and Product Certification Director at GEWISS, concluding -The first Industrial Model Patent, in fact, was filed by our founder back in 1968. Since then, over the course of its more than 50-year history, more than 1,000 patents and models have been assigned to the company, filed in more than 30 countries around the world”.

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